The arcade game Morskoi Boi
(Sea Battle)

As kids, who among us never dreamed of growing up to be a sailor? After we go to space, naturally. This arcade game was created for those who never forgot their childhood dreams. And so, you are now looking through the periscope of a submarine and the enemy ships are sailing audaciously across the horizon, back and forth. Press “Start” and the green point representing a moving torpedo rushes towards the enemy vessel. The rest depends on the accuracy of the player-sniper.



Kuznecky most, 12

Real gamers are welcome to play every day: Monday through Sunday from 11 till 9 p.m.


Konyushennaya sq., 2b

Real gamers are welcome to play every day: Monday through Sunday from 11 till 8 p.m.

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We are three years old!
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